Wedding Wednesday, 4 Weeks and Counting!


I had to change the wedding update title due to it not being Tuesday, lol

Here are the updates:

Literally the day after I blogged about not having a meltdown, I had a meltdown. However, since then, the invitations have been mailed, and several RSVPs have come in. However, more HAVE NOT come in, and tomorrow is the deadline. I hope everyone timed their arrival perfectly and the rest will be here tomorrow (wishful thinking).

In other news, the bustle was put into my dress, and my seamstress did a really great job. If you ever need someone for bustles, hemming, etc. I know a gal. The trying on of the dress went better, I’m starting not to feel like a can of exploded biscuits (which is a good thing).

Every day is ridiculously busy. If I didn’t have a time-consuming job, this might be a lot less stressful, but seeing as though my job and this major life event are both time consuming and happening simultaneously my stress level is through the roof.

There are some surprises happening in the upcoming week, that I will reveal NEXT blog entry. However, I will tell you that Tuesday I have a hair trial appointment. I am excited about that because I need to figure out exactly what I am doing with this hair for my bridal portraits (Oct. 5th) and for the wedding.

We’re down to the wire! The major stuff taken care of (woohoo!). It seems that since the major stuff is done, there would be a great relief, but it’s the small things that have given me the most grief!

Please keep us lifted up in prayer as we get closer to our wedding day! We’re trusting God for many things in this season, and we appreciate every prayer that is joined with ours.

Only 31 days to go!

Until Next Time,



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