One Month Down, Forever to Go.

As of today, Korey and I have been married for ONE MONTH! Yes, today is our monthiversary! Are we going to be one of those couples who dresses up and buy each other gifts for every day, week, and month that passes by? Umm… that is HIGHLY unlikely. However, we will praise God for every day that passes that we can honor him with our marriage.


The wedding was all that we wanted and more. I have no words to describe how it feels to look around a room full of people and think, “wow, all of these people love us.” We laughed and smiled and just tried to enjoy every moment. Korey confessed that he smiled so much his cheeks hurt. That is priceless. We had so much fun, and we’re so grateful for all of the people God put in our lives to love on us and encourage us.


Almost immediately following our wedding, we were on a plane to Montego Bay, Jamaica – followed by an UNSAFE car ride to Ocho Rios. Lots of prayers went up during this 60 minutes of our life. Mine sounded a little like, “Lord please allow me to be a wife at least 24 hours. By the Grace of God, we made it. The views were breathtaking.

We had a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT time. We met new people, we slept A LOT, and ate even more. The scenery was indescribable. Y’all we had butlers.


The time we spent in Jamaica was memorable, and we definitely want to go back one day, but at the end of our time there we were ready to come home, and were excited to get back and create a new normal.

We made a decision to wait until we were married to live together. We knew that this wasn’t a common practice, we heard about all the “conveniences” that we were missing, how everyone was doing it, how it wasn’t a big deal, how we could save money, etc.  However, the only influence we listened to was God’s word, and my friends, what God asks, trumps all things, and we knew that we were honoring him with our decision.

So now, we live together under the same roof for the first time and IT HAS BEEN AWESOME. We have been looking forward to it for a long time. We run around here laughing, having a good time, and just enjoying each other. I love that he is the last person I see every night, and the first person I see every morning.


One thing about me that Korey already knew prior to our marriage is I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. It takes me a moment to “warm up” to being awake. Korey however is a morning person. He wakes up like Cinderella did, with a song in his heart, and birds chirping and flying around his head. This has worked out in my favor because this wonderful husband of mine, gets up every morning to make me breakfast, and help pack my lunch. He knows that if it were up to me alone, I’d over sleep every day,  I’d never have breakfast (or coffee – and that would be bad), and whatever I could throw in my lunch box is what I’d have. He keeps that from happening for me. We’re a team. He supports me where I need it, and I do the same for him.

Before the wedding everyone would ask, “how are the wedding plans coming?” and now everyone loves to ask, “how is married life?” quickly followed by, “when are you guys having kids?” So here are the answers… drumroll please… MARRIED LIFE IS AMAZING, AND YOU SHOULDN’T EXPECT ANYTHING DIFFERENT, BECAUSE GOD IS AT THE CENTER OF THIS MARRIAGE, AND IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO/WHAT COULD BE AGAINST US? As far as kids go, we want to be a little selfish and enjoy our “just the two of us time” for a little while. So just hold your horses. Slow your roll. Pump the brakes. You’re taking us too fast. I’m thirty! I’m practically a spring chicken. I have eons to be a mom. Right now, I’m overjoyed just being a wife.


The last thing I want to mention is your failure in the marriage advice department. Yes, you. Of all the marriage advice we have received, there are A LOT of things you married people failed to mention. In fact, I’m considering writing a book on the things that no one told us (and we thought you loved us). Forgotten information piece #1: no one, literally no one, told us how to live in a ONE BEDROOM, ONE BATHROOM apartment and not feel SELF-CONSCIOUS  about pooping. Shame on you all.


Until next time,