Our Engagement Story


There were several plans in place for my birthday, which included: breakfast, mani/pedis, shopping, and dinner.

Everyone knows I’m a James Avery addict, so the “shopping” part of our day Korey wanted to take me to James Avery to get a charm for my bracelet. My mom was also going because she wanted to replace a sentimental charm on my bracelet that I recently discovered was missing, Gina was was there too because we had all been together all day, and Korey’s mom wanted to meet us up there because we got her a charm bracelet for Christmas and it really needed to be cleaned. On our way to James Avery, my unbiological sister, Tasha called. She was just getting off work and asked what we were doing. I told her that we were going to James Avery and she said she would meet us up there, she wanted to look for a charm bracelet for her daughter (and my Goddaughter) Skylar.

We all got to James Avery around the same time and of course I didn’t think any thing of all the people here with us at James Avery.

Once we ordered the charms, we were told that my bracelet would be ready the following day after 2pm (which is completely normal). When we were walking out of James Avery, I asked Korey if he wanted to go across the street to Old Navy to pick an outfit for my birthday dinner that evening. While we were debating on that, my mom and Gina went back into James Avery (I had no idea why).  When they came out, they told me that my bracelet would be ready in one hour – the James Avery staff said they’d go ahead and do it now because it was my birthday, and we are regular customers. So we decided to just walk around the mall and walk to go and get some froyo. After eating our frozen treats, we walked back over to James Avery.

When we walked in, I walked up to the counter and told them that I was there to pick up my bracelet. The lady got it for me and sat it down on the counter. I immediately noticed a charm on there that I did not select. I told the lady behind that counter that there had to have been a mistake; because I did NOT buy or pick out this specific charm. I didn’t understand why it was on my bracelet (it was the engagement ring charm).

Korey was already on one knee behind me, but I was so concerned about this mystery charm that I never turned around. After what seemed like forever for Korey he eventually, tapped me and I turned around to find him there on one knee. It was then that he told me he loved me, and that he wanted to “walk in love” with me for the rest of our lives. Then he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes through a lot of happy tears.

Little backstory: prior to us going to James Avery, Korey called the store to let them know the plan. He pre-purchased the charm for my bracelet, and worked it out for the charm to be soldered on immediately so that he could propose. However, when we got in the store, they didn’t know that Korey was the guy! So when my mom and Gina went back into the store, they explained what was going on and then everyone was on the same page. The staff at James Avery was so excited to be apart of this day, and they did everything perfectly.

The moment was so surreal. It was captured on video. I spent most of the night making phone calls and telling everyone who would listen about my birthday engagement.




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