Wedding Wednesday, 4 Weeks and Counting!


I had to change the wedding update title due to it not being Tuesday, lol

Here are the updates:

Literally the day after I blogged about not having a meltdown, I had a meltdown. However, since then, the invitations have been mailed, and several RSVPs have come in. However, more HAVE NOT come in, and tomorrow is the deadline. I hope everyone timed their arrival perfectly and the rest will be here tomorrow (wishful thinking).

In other news, the bustle was put into my dress, and my seamstress did a really great job. If you ever need someone for bustles, hemming, etc. I know a gal. The trying on of the dress went better, I’m starting not to feel like a can of exploded biscuits (which is a good thing).

Every day is ridiculously busy. If I didn’t have a time-consuming job, this might be a lot less stressful, but seeing as though my job and this major life event are both time consuming and happening simultaneously my stress level is through the roof.

There are some surprises happening in the upcoming week, that I will reveal NEXT blog entry. However, I will tell you that Tuesday I have a hair trial appointment. I am excited about that because I need to figure out exactly what I am doing with this hair for my bridal portraits (Oct. 5th) and for the wedding.

We’re down to the wire! The major stuff taken care of (woohoo!). It seems that since the major stuff is done, there would be a great relief, but it’s the small things that have given me the most grief!

Please keep us lifted up in prayer as we get closer to our wedding day! We’re trusting God for many things in this season, and we appreciate every prayer that is joined with ours.

Only 31 days to go!

Until Next Time,



Tie the Knot Tuesday, 6 Weeks and Counting…

I want to apologize to those of you who follow this blog and look forward to “Tie the Knot Tuesday”. A few Tuesdays have gone by without one mention of the Stewart/Traylor wedding. However, I know that you all will understand my temporary sabbatical because you know that when school starts, we teachers hit the ground running and we don’t stop until mid-June. Can you even imagine? School started and we still have to complete wedding stuff?? There isn’t enough time in the day.

All that to say, this update is long overdue! So while I have a few spare minutes, I am going to pour you the tea:

I finally ordered the invitations (better late than never), and had to rush the shipping so that I can get them mailed out this week. The RSVP deadline for those attending and NOT attending is September 24th! So if you’re expecting an invitation, be prepared to RSVP immediately!

Side note: I know that some folks do not like to RSVP but if you don’t, we will not be reserving a seat for you, the funds around here are limited. So, you snooze, you lose.

In other news, I had to try on my wedding dress at the end of last month to have my bustle put in, and it is fitting a little bit better because my mom and I have been so diligent about our food intake and amping up our running routine (yay us!). We have also started doing Zumba, and I don’t know if you’ve ever participated in a class like that before, but it is a calorie BLASTER!! The dress is still at the shop being bustled and won’t be available for me to pick up until Monday, September 14th.

I also scheduled my bridal portraits (yay)! I am pretty excited about that, but I still don’t have a game plan for hair or make-up, and the date for that is coming faster than a speeding bullet! I just haven’t decided whether I want to wear my hair up or down, or natural curly, or blowed out…. too many decisions. Plus, I am not paying hundreds of dollars for someone to cake pounds of make-up on me and make me look like a cartoon version of myself. It’s not going to happen. I need some barely noticeable make-up that looks natural.. and not the kind of “natural” that doesn’t look natural at all.

There are a million things that we still haven’t done, and honestly just don’t have the time for.  Good thing I stopped working part-time, because if I still had to do that too, I probably would have had a melt-down by now. The more I think about it, the more overwhelmed I feel because I know that we are literally running out of time.

I haven’t hit the super STRESSFUL part that causes some brides to just randomly burst into tears (and I thank God for that), but on a scale of 1 to bat-poo crazy… I’m a little over half-way there.

Some smaller things that are coming together (no thanks to me): the program, center-pieces, the broom that we’ll be jumping, the wedding favors, and the flower girl dresses.

I’m sure there are things I forgot, but I hope you appreciate this update, because time is scarce, but I value you enough to make some!


Did I mention how excited I am to marry this man? 46 Days!

Until next time,