Marriage Monday, First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Marriage Monday!

Before Korey and I got married, I had a weekly tradition of “Tie the Knot Tuesday” where I updated you guys on the progress of our wedding plans and preparations for marriage. I can’t promise “weekly” but I can promise a better effort in general on the blogging front. Lately I have been suffering from bloggers block – ideas and creativity elude me.

Back to Marriage Monday… as of yesterday, Korey and I have been married for NINE MONTHS! What? Times flies when you’re having fun. Korey asked me yesterday how long it feels we’ve been married, and I told him it feels like we have been married our whole lives, but at the same time, it feels like the wedding was a few weeks ago. We blinked and 9 months have flown by.

Let me fill you in on the last nine months. In October when we came back from our honeymoon we moved into our first “together” home. It is a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment – which was interesting at first as we navigated actually having to “number two” with each other in such close proximity.  Our comfort level has increased immeasurably. Since the wedding, we’ve had our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, St.Patrick’s Day, Easter… you get the idea.

In March the construction for our townhouse FINALLY started. The estimated date of completion we were given was July. Mind you this was about the FIFTH estimated date of completion. First is was October 2015 which we thought would be perfect because that was our wedding month. Turns out, it wouldn’t have been perfect, because we spent every cent we had on that wedding. Next they told us, it’ll be complete by the end of the year “for sure”. Then, they said, it’ll definitely be complete by March. Well, as I mentioned, March is when they started, and the completion date changed to July. If you’re wondering how that turned out, there are 7 days left in July and we’re just now starting installation. To date, we’re looking at end of August/beginning of September. The fact of the matter is, God has this all under control. Although the timing hasn’t worked out the way we planned, it has actually been perfect timing. It has given us time to get our monies together, allowed us some upgrades and appliances at no charge, and given us the opportunity to appreciate how good God is and how His timing is perfect timing.

Also in the last 9 months, I have become domesticated. I wash dishes, dry them, and put them away. I wash clothes, dry them, fold them, and put them away. I grocery shop and cook dinner. This summer, I have become a full blown stay at home wife and my goal is to have all these things accomplished before my hard-working husband comes home from work. I’ve always been a clean and organized person, but you can verify this with my mother, I have avoided dishes like the plague. And why cook, when your mom can do it so awesomely?

See? With God, all things are possible.