Tie the Knot Tuesday, 11 Weeks and Counting

Hello There!

Tuesdays sure do have a way of sneaking up on me! This has been another eventful week on the wedding front!

Since my last post, we met with our Piazza coordinator and nailed down some actual ceremony/reception details (which was very exciting). We decided on the food and beverages we’d serve, as well as the details we would  like to include in our ceremony, and the order of the ceremony and reception festivities. During times like those I am hyper aware that the time until w-day is quickly approaching.

In the last seven days we also had a day of fun with our wedding party! The guys met up and got fitted for their wedding tuxes and did “man stuff” while I got to hang out with my closest friends (who also happen to be my bridesmaids). We solidified the bridesmaid dress choice, decided on sizes and got those bad boys ordered and paid for! Afterward we did what girls do and hit up day spa for manicures and pedicures!


I’m so grateful that these girls took the time to come and spend this weekend with me, especially the two that traveled hundreds of miles, one by plane and the other by four hour road trip (we won’t even talk about the 6 month preggo one). My favorite thing about each of these women in my life is I don’t have to see them everyday or talk to them everyday to have a relationship where we can pick up right where we left off and never miss a beat!

In other news, last week in my haste and excitement to post, I did forget to include one picture and I wanted to share it with you! It’s a picture of Mrs. Frances (the shop owner), my mom, and I leaving the bridal shop with my very amazing wedding dress 🙂


That’s all for now! Tune in next week for more updates!

Until Then,



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