Tie the Knot Tuesday, 12 Weeks and Counting

Believe it or not, SO MUCH has happened in one week.

Since last week, I’ve started the process of ordering our wedding invitations. The invitations that Korey and I both really like do not match our wedding colors (eggplant, lavender, olive, and grey) so I kept looking. I found, customized, and sent Korey about 4 other designs that do match our colors, and my mom and I asked him rate them on a scale of 1-10. The only invitations he handed out a strong ten to, we’re the non-matching ones. I’ve gone back and forth about whether we should order them or not, but you know what? We’re only getting married once, and whether they match or not, if that is what we love, by golly, we are ordering those black and gold invitations.

Now for the wedding dress! The dress came in last Thursday (I did mention it was coming last week on the first edition of Tie the Knot Tuesday). On Friday, my mom and I went to the dress shop so that I could try it on. Before I go into how that went, let me say that the dress is more beautiful than I remember, which is fair to say since I haven’t seen it since January. Second, let me remind you all, as mentioned in All About That Bass, that I have picked up some pounds since the first of the year (this also happens to be when I was measured for said dress). I had been talking with my mom all week, hoping, and praying that I could fit into the dress (it fit perfectly when I ordered it, so my concern was legit). Long story short, it zipped up, BUT it was a struggle. Had we not been running for the last 5 weeks, the dress literally wouldn’t have come above my thighs, so I am thankful for the dedication to running this summer. Now, the running must continue, so that I don’t have to be stuffed into my beautiful wedding dress on our wedding day.

I also ordered our wedding cake topper last week, which was a wonderful experience (I just love Etsy). While I was browsing and looking at all of my options (and there were many), I was having a hard time finding a bride silhouette that looked like me… mainly in the hair department. Most of the silhouettes had long and wavy hair, or some other style which were a far cry from my actual short, kinky, and curly hair.  So I emailed one of the shops, and asked if there was any way to customize the hair. After a few correspondences, they requested pictures, and I sent several. One day later… Wah-lah! Magic! You cannot tell me that bride doesn’t look EXACTLY like me! It looks like it could be an actual picture of Korey and I. Amazing.


Last main thing, but certainly not least, my bouquet came in (shriek)! You may be thinking that it is way too early for me to have a flower bouquet (considering that the wedding is 88 days from now) and you’d be right! Next you may be thinking that the bouquet is made of fake flowers, but you’d be thinking wrong (I’m not knocking fake flowers). I’m not even going to guess what you’re thinking now, but I will say that this type of bouquet is totally new to me, I’d never even heard of these before I started wedding planning. My friends, when you see me coming down the isle, it will be with this gorgeous brooch bouquet. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is absolutely stunning.


A couple small (but major) things also happened last week: Korey and I decided on our first dance song, and my dad and I decided on our father daughter dance song! Whew! There you have it! All in a week’s time! More to come next Tuesday!

Until Then,



One thought on “Tie the Knot Tuesday, 12 Weeks and Counting

  1. It’s all so exciting! I love the flowers and the cake topper. I could have helped with the invitations. I do custom cards, but it’s good that you’ve made a decision. Your guests really need to get those invitations so that they can mark the date on their calendars. I can’t wait to hear about more!

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