Tie the Knot Tuesday, 13 Weeks and Counting


Last week I ran across a blog entry by Kaycie Vanden Top called “Wedding Wednesday“. Each Wednesday Kaycie tries to write a post updating everyone on what is going on with her and her fiancés wedding plans. I was inspired and wished this was something I ran across 9 months ago! Korey and I only have three months left! Nevertheless, I have decided to do the same, but I am calling it “Tie the Knot Tuesday.”

This will be a fun way for me to share what Korey, our families, and I are doing and have done to prepare for our wedding, and more importantly our marriage. That way everyone can be in the loop, and when you wonder how the wedding plans are going you’ll have a better answer than “it’s going,” which is usually what you’ll get if you ask me.

So, nine months ago, on October 29th, Korey and I got engaged. Hopefully you have taken the time to ready our engagement story, it really was my best birthday. Immediately after we got engaged, we started searching for wedding venues. We visited so many places, they all started looking the same. Several places we went to we liked but were already booked for the date that we’d chosen (and we were nearly a year out)! We were not willing to move dates, it is significant to us for several reasons, so if they were already booked for October 24th, we were out.

In total, I think we visited about 8 different venues. Korey, my mom, and I spent a lot of time in prayer because we wanted to make sure we followed God’s leading to the right place. Sure enough, we all felt our spirits leading us to one place in particular and we booked our date with The Piazza. The team of people at the Piazza are phenomenal to work with. They’re all God-fearing people and it’s very evident if you spend any amount of time with any of them.

After the venue was picked, we started working on finding the dress. I made an appointment at David’s Bridal and went there with my mom, soon to be mother-in-love (a term I’ve picked up from my church family), and two bridesmaids. The consultant asked me several questions to get an idea of what kind of dress I liked and she started bringing me dresses to try on. Each time I tried on a dress I had to give it a rating 1-10. It felt like I tried on a million dresses! I found a 9, but I didn’t find my 10. As we were ending our appointment time, the consultant told me I needed to go ahead an buy my 9, because I wasn’t going to find anything better. She tried to pressure sale me. Poor girl, she just didn’t know that I was not going to walk down an isle in something that didn’t make me kick my leg out (that is another story).

We ended up leaving David’s Bridal with a second appointment to go back. When we went back, I tried on a million other dresses and STILL DID NOT FIND A DRESS. My small entourage encouraged me not to give up and not to settle. Before we left, we scheduled a third appointment to take place. Before I went back to David’s Bridal a third time, I decided that I better look elsewhere. I had an appointment at a small bridal shop called Distinct Elegance. My appointment there was one week before my next appointment at David’s Bridal. At Distinct Elegance, I tried on about 4 dresses before I found one that I loved. It was fun and crazy, but it almost seemed a little “too fun” (if you’ve ever been to the Piazza, then you know it is very elegant and classy and I just didn’t think this dress would “fit” there). I expressed this to my consultant and she said that she did have a dress beautiful, elegant, but also fun, and she brought it to me to try on. That was it guys. That was my dress. It was ordered at the first of the year, is expected to come in this month, I will go try it on (this week actually – I am excited). Too bad you can’t see it until October – it really is beautiful.

The other things we’ve planned and booked so far have been much easier. We don’t have to worry about food or drinks because the Piazza is awesome and they take care of that. We have already booked a photographer (this was actually the first thing we booked after picking our venue) Tyson Pough, who is amazing, seriously amazing. We’ve booked our honeymoon- JAMAICA HERE WE COME! We have a DJ, tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses, bride and groom cakes – delicious, delicious cakes, and we also have one heck of a wedding planner who is about ready to strangle me because I’ve been a little too laid back during this planning process.

Although we have done a lot of planning on the wedding front, the most important thing to us is planning on the marriage front. The wedding (although it costs a fortune) will only last a few hours, but this marriage will last a lifetime. In our efforts to prepare for a lifelong marriage, we are going through the pre-marital sessions at our church, which really has been wonderful. We have learned a lot about what God expects from us as husband and wife. We have awesome mentors and have been in constant communication with our Heavenly Father during this entire process!

Thank you for tuning in to Tie the Knot Tuesday, more information coming next week!

Until Then,



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