The Ingredients That Make Us, Us.

Mom Knot Daughter


If you walked up to anyone who knows me (or knows of me for that matter) and asked them to name someone I was really close with, I guarantee you that my mom would be amongst the top of the list. My mom and I have always had a close relationship (even during those rocky teenage years that all girls go through when they’re trying to find themselves).

So what exactly does a “close relationship” look like? A lot of people think that to have a close relationship with your mother she has to be a “cool mom,” and I’m not saying that my mom isn’t cool, because she is, but she wasn’t what society deems a “cool mom” is… You know, the mom that lets her daughter underage drink at home because “I’d rather her do it here under my supervision than be out there where I can’t monitor her.” I…

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