Theocentric Thursdays!

Hey friends! This week my blog “Hope for the Single Ladies”  is being featured for #Theocentric Thursday, and I am co-hosting  with Carrie Ann Tripp! Read the information below from Carrie, and link up to be apart of the fun!
How can it be Thursday again already? I simply can’t believe it! It’s the last week of summer school here, and after tomorrow I will have several weeks to focus on writing, house chores, and perhaps some relaxing.
I can’t bring myself to type, or even think, the number of weeks that are left of summer. So much I wanted to do and accomplish that will be put off to another summer, another dream, another could’ve, would’ve, what if.
I hope your summer has been all you have dreamed so far and that you are being blessed with family memory upon memory! Perhaps we should have a #TheocentricThursdays challenge the first week of August where we try to submit a post reflecting on our favorite summer memory from 2015. Sometimes I think we overlook our biggest blessings by simply forgetting to think about them.
What do you all think?
Well, week 3 of #TheocentricThursdays brought in yet another great selection of blog posts. With a LOT of work, I finally got voting up a bit. I would love it if some of you could help tweet, repost, etc. the opportunity to vote on blogs. Even if it’s just your own! Let me know if you need help explaining how to vote!
This week we have Keturah Colette as a co-host.

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My name is Keturah Stewart. I am a teacher and have been for seven years. I love to teach! There is no such thing as a boring day in my profession. I am engaged to an awesome man. We will be married in October and I cannot wait! I love the Lord with all of my heart and am beyond grateful for the family and friends that he has blessed me with. I am active in my church and in my community. I am an animal lover! I have a dog named Coco and a cat named Sammie and I adore them both.
I’m going to add our last few blog posts from last week to this week’s hop. They didn’t get as much traffic as everyone else and I want them to get lots of love too! If you didn’t visit their blog and leave a comment, please hit them up first this week! If you ARE one of the bloggers I already added to the hop, please add a new post for this week!!!! You aren’t excluded from new content just because I carried over your old!


This week’s featured post focuses on God’s plan for the single ladies out there. Make sure to check out Hope for the single ladies by Keturah Colette at Throne of Grace and leave some love for Keturah! I think you’ll be blessed by her testimony of God’s perfect timing.

If you’re like me and immediately started singing this song, it’s not at all what Keturah’s talking about, but so I’m not the ONLY one with it stuck in my head, here ya go:

Don’t forget to grab the button if you were featured this week!

TheocentricThursdays Featured Post

TheocentricThursdays Featured Post

If you’re linking up, we’d love it if you would share a button for this hop on the bottom of your post or in your sidebar!



All family friendly posts are welcome as long as you can do the following as soon as you post your link(s):

Please make sure to follow the hosts and all co-hosts blog! We would love to hear from you, too!
In order to help everyone grow their blog, please read and comment on the TWO blogs posted directly before you. (I can see exactly how many times each blog has been accessed from my site. If it hasn’t been accessed at least two times and there are two blog posts added after it, then I know participants haven’t been building each other up. I will be checking comments on posts that do not have the minimum required clicks. If you haven’t left comments on the two blogs prior to you in the list, you forfeit your eligibility to be the featured blog post of the week.)

Be sure to vote for your favorite posts each week. Voting begins when the linky closes Sunday night and stays open until noon on Wednesday. We will feature at least one blog post based on voting each week. Make sure to send your friends and family by to read and vote!


Now, let’s get to hopping!


3 thoughts on “Theocentric Thursdays!

  1. Thanks so much for cohosting! I’m following you on twitter (tried to follow you by email but it gave me an error message). Have a lovely day.

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