Walk by Faith

When I was sixteen, the first semester of my junior year in high school, something happened that really solidified my faith game.

A month or so before Christmas break when the “what are you getting for Christmas?” questions started floating around. I already had my answer prepared.

“I’m getting a car!”

Before long, all of my friends, their parents, and their parents friends knew that I was getting a car for Christmas. Word got back to my mom, and she was telling me, “Keturah! You have to stop telling people that you are getting a car!” But I wouldn’t.

By the time school let out for winter break, my mom really wanted me to understand that we just didn’t have the money for her to buy me a car. She didn’t want me to be disappointed when Christmas rolled around and I didn’t have one. I knew that we didn’t have an abundance of money, and our finances weren’t in a car buying place, but in my heart, I was still believing for a car.

That year I spent Christmas with my dad and New Years with my mom. My dad came to pick me up and my mom ended up spending Christmas in Houston.

After my time with my dad, he took me back to my mom’s house. When I saw my mom, we were both happy to see each other.  I told her about the visit with my dad and she told me about her trip to Houston. During our conversation my mom explained that she didn’t have the money to buy me much at all, but on her way back from Houston she made a stop at a store, saw a keychain that said “Class of 2003,” and she bought it for me. It was a silver keychain, oval shaped, with a cross between the words class and the number 2003. Although it may not have appeared to be much to most people, It meant a lot to me (and still does). I was very appreciative of the Christmas gift from my mom.

After I opened my present, we decided that we were going to get dinner and then have a movie night. So we loaded up, and headed to blockbuster. I was so into the conversation we were having, it took me a while to realize that we’d been in the car way too long to just be going to blockbuster. When I asked where we were going, I was told that we were going to make a quick stop by my aunt’s house before the extravaganza began.

Once we got there, we visited with one another. We talked about Christmas and what everyone did. My aunt ended up asking me what I got for Christmas, so I shared what all I received from my dad, and then I told her about the keychain that my mom bought me and gave it to her to see.

When I got my keychain back, there were keys on it. I looked around wondering whose keys they were, only to find out that they were mine. I was a PROUD (and I mean VERY PROUD) owner of a white, 1990 Mercury Tracer… which in my eyes, may as well have been a Lamborghini. To say I was excited would be an extreme understatement. I drove that car home – humbled and in awe of how great God is.


I later found out, that my mom truly did not have the money to make this happen- an unexpected series of events- that involved several people (and can only be described as an act of God) got me that car. As it began to unfold, it was evident to my mom that God was providing exactly what I was standing on my faith for.

Looking at the facts, I didn’t have the money, my mom didn’t have the money, we didn’t win the lottery, my mom didn’t get a raise, we didn’t sell anything, and we didn’t have a fundraiser. But somehow, I got this car, and drove it to school the first day back from winter break just like I believed I would. Not only that, but I drove it well into my college days.

Now, thirteen years later, I am encouraged by my sixteen year old self to stand on my faith. I’m getting married, we have a wedding to pay for, we want a house – which requires a down payment, closing costs, etc., we have tuition to pay for, and bills on top of all of that. It’s a lot harder as an adult, knowing how finances work, to stand on that same faith, but I am. I am standing on my faith, because I have never been disappointed by what God has done in my life thus far. I know that God will provide every cent that we need, and when he does, there is a place on this blog for that miraculous story.

“He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all- how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?” – Romans 8:32

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” – II Corinthians 5:7



2 thoughts on “Walk by Faith

  1. I absolutely love this post. Your storytelling made me feel like I was there. Young people definitely have faith, the most sometimes, especially children lol. God will provide for you now and forever, more than you can imagine. Thanks for sharing!

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